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DB schema & Data explorers

  • Quick
  • Full overview of a DB object in 1 screen
  • "Referenced by" section
  • Notes, documentation
  • Related queries
  • Multiple environments
    • Easy to connect
    • Easy to compare


  • SQL, GraphQL, HTTP(s), etc...
  • Join related tables in 1-click
  • Apply current context to a query (e.g. filter)
  • Store & organize queries by:
    • folders
    • tags
  • Share queries (publicly or with restricted access)

In-project datasets

Store & edit some recordset inside the DataTug project. Use to:

  • apply as a context
  • lookup values by keys from query results
  • Use for DB checks
  • Use as a source of records for promoting data changes

Data boards

  • Get all the data with one click
  • Parametrized
  • Searchable by tags or keywords


  • Add some entity to current context
  • Have multiple named contexts and switch between them quickly

Secure storage

The projects can be stored either in cloud on locally.

  • Store locally on your own machine
  • Store at DataTug cloud
  • Store in a git repository
    (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket)

DataTug Demo Projects

it's better to see & feel it once. Get a sense of what can be done with DataTug.